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Re: Stamping of Plans is common

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This example may be isolated but it relates to the State by State issue 
of licensing;

I was contacted by a previous employer who;
- Was licensed in at least 20 different states
- Supervised and sealed my work for several years
- Is a good engineer with over 30 years of experience
- Was inquiring if I might be able to seal a set of drwgs for him

He was unable to establish license in my current state of license 
Hawai'i because of the "legality" that he had never taken the EIT (it 
wasn't offered when he was originally licensed)

The ironic twist is that a younger less experienced less qualified 
engineer in his office eventually obtained the license (he was young 
enough to have taken the EIT) and stamped the drawings.  Right or wrong 
if I had reviewed and sealed these drawings it would have amounted to 
another review of the work and would have only resulted in a safer 

While the NCEES is taking steps to make the licensing process more 
uniform it is still difficult for competent engineers to obtain the 
ability to practice in all the 50 states.  Doesn't this amount to a 
restriction in interstate commerce???

Its best not to get the government involved so any change should come 
from the Engineering community.   (There was a push w/ NAFTA that 
Canadian and Mexican engineers would be able to freely practice in the 
states - I would have obtained a Canadian license to eliminate the 
hassles in practicong in my other 46 states)

It would be nice to have a uniform licensing program for the US - it 
could even be a two step license / one for seismic zones 0,1,2 and 
another for zones 3 & 4. 

In regards to "plan stamping" the definition of "Supervise" varies from 
state to state as well, either way, there probably is more legal (weak 
supervision within an office) "plan stamping" occuring then illegal 
(review of someone elses work) "plan stamping"
Steven M. Baldridge, P.E.,S.E.,C.E. (depending on the State)