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Re: Welding Electrodes

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     I have received the replies to this posting before but this is the 
     first time that I received the source post.How come?

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Subject: Welding Electrodes
Author:  MIME7:CanitzCF(--nospam--at) at INTERNET
Date:    8/26/98 9:41 AM

I'm presently involved with a project for which I am to prepare shop drawings 
for a structural steel assembly. The various steel member components including 
the welding electrodes(11018) are on site. When I requested the steel 
specification,  A36 was indicated. I stated that the electrode tensile 
strength(110 ksi) does not match that of the steel(per AWS D1.1). I then 
requested the steel mill certification. While awaiting this information, any 
Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD