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Re: Stamping of Plans is common

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Steven M. Baldridge wrote: 
>Which engineer is doing a better job of "... primary obligation is to
the safety, health and welfare of the public..." 
>The principal in a large firm that might "browse" through a set of drawings 
prepared by a young engineer under his/her "supervision" but does not look
the calculations prior to stamping the drawings OR an engineer who does a 
thorough review of the drawings and calculations prepared by someone else
makes changes where appropriate. < 
I agree with your point - many drawings are stamped by someone other than
person who did the detailed design.  In general, the PE rules should define 
better what involvement the PE must have in a design - but they should also 
allow for some form of "plan stamping" provided that adequate review is done 
and the PE is allowed to make revisions as deemed necessary.  There are also 
some very practical situations which PE rules should allow for: What if the
dies or leaves the company just before the final design is to be issued?  Is 
it realistic to expect the design to be completely redone or to just be 
thoroughly reviewed by another PE? 
By the way, is anyone aware of any state which requires the PE to actually 
perform the calculations?  I am only aware of states which require that the 
design be done under the "direction" or "supervision" of a PE.