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Ice Splitters/Snow Loads on Roof Projections

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I am currently designing the roof for a cabin in the California Sierra's
(260 psf snow).  Being
a flatlander, I don't have a good perspective on the design and detailing of
the splitter in front
of the chimney.  Based on UBC Appendix 16, forces for the splitter can be
calculated (enormous).

Now, are these splitter forces used only to check the splitter itself and
its anchorage to the
roof?  Is the splitter a designed element, or something proprietary that is
purchased and installed?
How is the chimney and its anchorage to the roof checked?  Is there an
active pressure
coefficient for snow that I can use to determine the chimney overturning
force, or are the forces
determined for the splitter somehow used to design the chimney?

Any guidance on the design of the splitter and chimney for lateral snow
loads would be tremendously