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Re: Stamping of Plans is common

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>By the way, is anyone aware of any state which requires the PE to actually 
>perform the calculations?  I am only aware of states which require that the 
>design be done under the "direction" or "supervision" of a PE.  
In New York the Board of Regents has provided some direction on the issue
of sealing documents that were not prepared by, or under the supervision
of, the engineer sealing the documents. The following is taken from the
rules of the Board of Regents that cover unprofessional conduct [Part

"Rules of the Board of Regents
Part 29 - Unprofessional Conduct

29.3 General provisions for design professions. 

(a) Unprofessional conduct shall also include, in the professions of
architecture and landscape architecture, engineering and land surveying:

(3) certifying by affixing the licensee's signature and seal to documents
for which the professional services have not been performed by, or
thoroughly reviewed by, the licensee; or failing to prepare and retain a
written evaluation of the professional services represented by such
documents in accordance with the following requirements:

(i) a licensee who signs and seals documents not prepared by the licensee
or by an employee under the licensee's direct supervision shall prepare,
and retain for a period of not less than six years, a thorough written
evaluation of the professional services represented by the documents,
including but not limited to drawings, specifications, reports, design
calculations and references to applicable codes and standards. Such written
evaluation shall clearly identify the project and the documents to which it
relates, the source of the documents and the name of the person or
organization for which the written evaluation was conducted, and the date
of the evaluation, and the seal and signature of the licensee shall also be
affixed thereto; and (ii) nothing in this paragraph shall be construed as
authorizing the practice of a design profession in this State by persons
other than those authorized to practice pursuant to the provisions of
article 145, 147 or 148 of the Education Law;"

Terry L. Dixon, PE
Dixon Engineering, PC