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"Electronic" signatures

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Title: "Electronic" signatures

To all, esp Stan in the Dallas heat . . .

Our company is currently in the process of purchasing several high volume plotters at which the following point came up.

The models we are looking at have the capability to run multiple collated copies on plain paper media.  This in effect would allow us to eliminate the blueline monster (and its associated high labor costs, not to mention repair) in our reproduction department, if digital "electronic" signatures were permitted.  Someone had said that there has been recent changes with regards to this concept.  Is this true?

The other option would be to plot a single copy, affix signature and then use the machines' scanning option (sold seperately) to produce the construction document sets.  would this be any different than a blueline print in the eyes of the TX state board, and others?  It is still a reproduction of the signed "original".  Any thoughts or comments are appreciated in advance . .

robert d. rollo, PE (structural)