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Leaving the List

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This is really wierd. This list is supposedly all Engineers. You'd think 
we could figure out how to sub and unsub from a list, without sending 
angry notes to the entire list asking for someone to do it for you. 
Especially since every friggin message on the list has the answer 
embedded at the end of it. I am on several other mail lists (mostly 
motorcycle stuff) where many of the subscribers have no tech background 
at all, and we get nowhere NEAR this volume of helplessness.

I personally sub and unsub a lot, as work loads, going out of town, etc. 
dictates. I follow the instructions and it works just fine. IF you've 
followed the instructions, and it still doesn't work, contact the sysop. 
The address is on the web site. Don't keep sending angry messages to the 
whole list, expecting someone else to do it for you. Nobody can. The 
message has to come from YOUR email address.

Unsubscribing is almost exactly the same process as subscribing. If you 
got on this list, you can get off it just as easily. 

Yes. I'm getting tired of this cr*p.
Have a nice day,
.    .    .   .   .  .  .  .  . . . . . ...........................
Bob Shilling, SE             Berkeley, CA          shilling(--nospam--at)