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RE: I found this free Search program - Copernic 98 and recommend it

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Copernic is a convenience, not a necessity. AOL provides one search engine -
Webcrawler. You can easily use your browser to find an all-in-one web site
containing a dozen or more search engines.
The advantage to Copernic (and similar programs) is that the program
automatically plugs one search criteria into as many as 20 or 30 different
search engines and launches a session where virtually every web page
produced is detected and compared against your criteria.
Remember, not all search engines access every page out there. Those who
create a web site will actually register their site with the most common
search companies like Excite, Webcrawler, Altavista and many others.
Copernic accumulates all of the available engines and gets them searching at
the same time. You are then presented with all of the results which you can
then brows through.
Try using Webcrawler. Then imagine that you can be searching through 20
engins without retyping the search criteria for each engine.

The difference between the free version and the shareware version is that
the costly one allow you to customize the program and enter as many search
engins as you can find. You can also create categories that use specific
engines to find unique websites. I think it's worth the price but most
people will be happy with the free version.

Hope this helps. If you do a lot of searching I think you find this a very
effective time saver. I recently had to search for information on Muscular
Dystrophy. A friend of mine was informed that he had contracted the
desease - probably through his mother, but also from a viral infection.
He was given a pamphlet about MD and that was it. He thought it was a death
sentence and was very worries since his mother died of the desease.
I uncovered a ton of information and found out that there are over forty
types of deseases diagnosed as MD. Of these, the type he was diagnosed with
is very serious but not necessarily fatal. He also found out that there have
been major advancements in the desease since his mother died over fifteen
years ago.
At least he is now armed with more information and an online support group
located in England.
The power of the Internet is tremendous in the hands of people who know how
to manipulate the data they need. A top notch search engine such as Copernic
is an indespensible tool.

Let me know what you think of it.


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Is the program(search engine-copemic) is necessary if I have AOL service
Ed Latthitham S.E.
Oxnard, CA