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New version of Copernic released

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Copernic is essentially a client-based meta search engine for the
Internet.  I have been a long-time user of web-based meta search
engines, such as MetaCrawler, and have been generally quite satisfied
with them.  Then, a few weeks ago, I read a magazine article about
Copernic and promptly downloaded and installed the free version.  Then I
upgraded to v2.5.  This week, I finally purchased the Plus version (also
v2.5).  I am hooked on it.  In my opinion, the features that set it
apart are:

You can save and organize the results of your searches.

Duplicate hits are eliminated.

You can automatically validate the results, and eliminate dead links.

You can repeatedly refine the results, using AND, EXCEPT, etc.

With the Plus version, you can access about 130 search engines.

One of my current tasks is to find a suitable acquisition candidate in
another city, using specific criteria for sales, employees, disciplines,
clients, etc.  Copernic has allowed me to intelligently shorten the
prospect list from 244 to 13 in just two weeks.

What follows below is an information update that I received from the
Copernic people this morning.

Best Regards,

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Surfing in Dallas


To: Caldwell, Stan
Subject: New version of Copernic released

Dear Copernic user,

We're very pleased to announce that Copernic 98 v2.5 is now available
for downloading.

Copernic 98 v2.5 delivers a set of completely new features and
* New Search Wizard to ease search creation
* New Channel Set Bar which displays your channel set shortcuts
* New "Send by e-mail" feature to share your search results with friends
or colleagues
* Redesigned user interface for easier operation
* Improved overall performance (up to 200% faster)
* And many more exciting new features

To update your version of Copernic, select "Help/Check Updates Now" from
the main menu and click the "Update Available" button (please note that
updates are FREE).

To download now or for more information, visit:

We're also releasing a new version of the professional Copernic:
Copernic 98plus v2.5.

With Copernic 98plus you'll have access to more than 130 search engines
and specific directories grouped in about 20 specialized categories such

* Books, Business, Finance, Games, Jobs, Kids, Learning, Life, Movies,
Music, News, News Archives, Software, Sports, Technology and Travel.

All of this with a 30-day money back guarantee - just $29.95.
To purchase now, visit:

"Copernic 98 and 98plus are quality upgrades to what was already a solid
product." - CNET

"Copernic 98's speed and thoroughness really impressed us." - Windows

"Stop waiting for results. And start getting them." - ZDNet

"If you could use a hand finding your way through the Web, there's no
need to search any further than Copernic." - Computer Shopper

Thank you for continuing to use Agents Technologies Corp. products,

Copernic Sales Team
Agents Technologies Corp.