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Re: Plywood rigid diaphragms

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1994 code section 1628.5 does not state that plywood diaphragms are rigid.  It
only states the deflection criteria of a diaphragm for it qualifying as a
flexible diaphragm.

It is possible for a plywood diaphragm to be considered rigid, but it certainly
is not categorically to be considered rigid in most conditions.


John Buchanan wrote:

> The rigid diaphragm suggestion was mentioned in two papers. One provided by
> Kelly Cobeen and the other by Ed Diekmann. There was no design guide lines
> provide only the mention that the diaphragms should be considered as rigid.
> They are citing the 1997 code section 1630.6 and the 1994 code section 1628.5
> Again this was only mentioned as the method to be used and no real design
> examples or other information regarding stiffness calculations were provided.
> Dolan agreed that the small diaphragms are rigid but there limited
> information available on calculation of the relative stiffness of the shear
> walls.
> Does any one else have any comments?
> john b