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Re: Plywood rigid diaphragms

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I was at the seminar as well. The "definition" of a rigid diaphragm language
has been in the code since 1994, I believe. I too have never designed a
plywood diaphragm, wood framed building as a rigid diaphragm. The speaker
was saying that this language is going to be a big hit for lawsuits when the
statute of limitations get near. Frankly, I think it would benefit the
profession if this language was revisited and revised.

Jeff Smith

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From: John Buchanan <jjb(--nospam--at)>
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Date: Friday, August 28, 1998 7:09 AM
Subject: Plywood rigid diaphragms

>Just finished seaonc wood design seminar. An interesting issue was raised
>regarding the design of shear walls and diaphragms.
>According to the presenters, design engineers should consider the
>horizontal wood diaphragms as rigid elements, and distribute the horizontal
>shear to the shear walls based on a rigid analysis.
>Of course at this time no one has any published data on the relative
>rigidities of the shear walls other than longer walls are stiffer than
>shorter walls!!!!
>Does any one have any comments on this analysis approach for light frame
>wood construction?
>John Buchanan