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RE: Retaining wall design pressures

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According to Karl Terzaghi's effective stress principle, the lateral
pressure exerted by submerged soil would be Ka (or Ko for an unyielding wall
such as a basement) times the effective vertical pressure at a point.
Effective pressure is defined as total weight of submerged soil and any
surcharge, less hydrostatic pressure at that point.  To this lateral
pressure would then be added the hydrostatic pressure (since water has a Ka
= 1.00) to get the total pressure against the back of the retaining wall

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> Subject: 	Retaining wall design pressures
> What are opinions regarding retaining wall design pressures when the
> backfill material is completely saturated i.e. water table up to the
> ground surface.
> Would the full active equivalent fluid pressure of the soil be additive
> with a full hydrostatic design pressure??
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