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Re: Retaining wall design pressures

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> Just completed a similar project where the wall was supporting a stormwater
> detention pond.
> I'm not sure about all of the available retaining wall software but to the
> best of my knowledge, some very popular packages neglect this uplift.
> Ron Roberts

Uplift becomes an important parameter when designing an underground tank
such as a sump pit or a lift station.  The tank should have adequate
weight to counteract possible floatation, especially just after
construction with no equipment installed inside the tank, at which time
the weight is at its minimum.  Uplift may also be a governing criterion
for designing the bottom plate of the tank.

In standard retaining walls uplift is rarely significant.  For practical
purposes, the water pressure on top of the base slab can be assumed to
be equal to the uplift at the bottom of the slab, unless the base slab
is very thick.