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RE: AutoCad14

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Asking for software in this manner is not "sort of illegal" it is as illegal
as you can get!!!! It is inappropriate for you to request software from the
members of this list since it violates the licensing agreement between the
software developer and the end user. I mean to be direct about this since
Autodesk, like most developers will try an prosecute known pirates of their
software. Any suggestion that SEAint had been involved or may have been an
instrument for you obtaining software in this manner could do harm to the
future of this list. A percentage of our list members are software
developers who are offended by this type of dialog.
If you wish to obtain a student version or request a donation of software
you should try the developer directly. Explain your needs and possibly they
will help you obtain one of their compliant packages.
I recommend you consider the purchase of AutoCad LT 97 since it is both
Autocad R14 compatible and, with the exception of 3D drawing capabilities
(it reads 3D drawings) and lack of an open architecture, would more than
adequately suit the needs of a student.
you might check out some of the more affordable cad packages either on the
Internet or at your local software discount store.
I understand your needs, but you must please refrain from requesting illegal
software from this or anyother Internet site. There is no way to obtain
legal software in this manner unless the licensed user is wiling to transfer
his license to you along with all of his documents and disks. He will no
longer be able to use the software as a registered user.
There is, however, one legal way that I am aware of, but you would need to
read the licensing agreement that accompanies the software. One copy of the
software may be installed on more than one machine so long as it belongs to
the original registered user and is not used by more than one person at a
time - meaning that you can not operate the software at the same time as
another user is working with it on another machine. Your situation would not
apply. The same is true of networked copies which are purchased based upon
the number of nodes that the software will be used on. The first example was
intended for those how have employees using one registered copy and / or the
registered user who wishes to work at home and is allowed to copy the
software to a second machine. Again, he may not run the software at the same
time on two machines.
Good luck in your education and I hope you will suggest to other engineering
students that they might try the SEAint Listservice as they work into this
Dennis S. Wish PE

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When I was in school, you could purchase an academic version of Autocad for
about 1/10th the cost of the professional version. The only difference
between the student and professional versions is that the box that the
student version comes in says not for professional use. Other than
packaging, programs are identical. In my schools bookstore you could get a
lot of other software for much reduced prices.

Getting a copy of software is really sort of illegal, even if you're just
using it to do homework on.  Not a good thing to do.

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From: Matt Boone [mailto:socr_stud(--nospam--at)]
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Subject: AutoCad14

Have a software question.  Does anyone happen to have a copy of
AutoCad14 that I could possibly get a copy of?  I am starting College in
a couple of weeks and starting in the Architectural Engineering
Department.  They run AutoCad14 in the labs and I was trying to get a
copy of it so I can work on my own.  Thank you in advance.


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