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Re: Re[3]: Canvas patio covers and the code?

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I checked UBC97Vol1AppendixChap33DivIII-PatioCovers. It says:"Patio covers
shall be used only for recreational, outdoor living purposes......." First, I
check what the patio is gonna be used for. Some architect or owner may call it
a patio but it is being used the same as the building's occupancy. For
example, a restaurant patio, which is used for dining, the regular use of the
building. For me, it does not matter what they call it or what material it is
made of(concrete, steel, wood canvas, paper, plastic,etc) I design the cover
and structural frame for the required design load for a regular restaurant
building. For covers that cannot carry design live loads(such as canvas, etc),
I design the frame for an equivalent load due to some worker installing or
maintaining the material(similar to the design load requirements for
greenhouse framing). I design the frame for full wind load on the canvas, all

Entry awnings for commecial buildings should be designed the same way. Even if
it is not strictly used the same way as the building, people using the
building will pass under it and should it be subjected to the same safety

Regarding Div II-Membrane Structures, it says:" All membrane structures shall
be structurally designed in accordance with criteria approved by the building
official and developed by an engineer or architect.............." So, there is
still nothing specific in terms of design load requirements and it is still up
to the engineer's judgement.

Ernie Natividad