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RE: Wind Loads on Monopoles

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Check out "Wind Forces on Structures," table 4(f) in ASCE Transactions, 
vol.126, Part II, 1961, page 1164.  For an h/d = 25 (your's is higher) and 
with L/d = 50, (L = 100' + 15' in your case) C(pe) = -2.6 at 90 deg. to the 
direction of the wind and the unit area force is: 

P(e) = C(pe) * q

[C(pe) = 1.0 for wind on the windward face.]

The drag coefficient is dependent on the surface roughness.  For a smooth 
surface, C(d) = 0.55; for a rough surface (roughness = 2% * d), C(D) = 0.9, 
and the unit area drag force is:

P(D) = C(D) * q

q = .000256*V^2

These coefficients are supposed to come from wind tunnel tests conducted by 
J. Ackeret in Switzerland.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona