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RE: Wind Loads on Monopoles

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I called it a monopole because that's what it is. It is used to support
antenna. There are no flags or lights on it. Since there is no category for
"monopoles", I interpreted the table as a solid tower. The B.O. interprets
it as a light pole.


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What is the monopole used for? If it is not a tank, chimney or solid
tower....then it is a sign, flagpole, lightpole or other minor structure.

The trick is in the name of your structure. If you had called it a solid
instead of a monopole, then, they will have to accept your calculation since
it conforms to the code. Unless it is obvious that your are just calling it
something different just to avoid using a more stringent code requirement.
is not too late to convince them that your structure is not a flagpole or a
lightpole because there is no flag or light on it and you just made a
of naming it a monopole. I think the "POLE" word cause them to consider it
similar to flagpole and lightpole without any clarification on the plans as
its use.

I used to advice my clients to avoid  use using the word "storage" in their
floor plans, epecially, 2nd floor mezzanines, since they will subjected to
minimum 125 psf live load and will include 25% of live load in lateral
analysis. Unless, they are really gonna be use as such. If it is for storage
of old, unused stuff around the house or some materials used in a business
that is not really very heavy, then, call it a mezzanine or anything but

Sometimes, you have to consider the plan checkers state of mind when they do
plan check. If they do not have the time to really take a closer look and
evaluate the project considering the actual use of the structure, they will
just check the code rerquirement for the closest thing that sound like or
looks like what you are designing. And it will be hard to convince them
on otherwise if that word is already stuck on their mind.

Just a thought.

Ernie Natividad