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Title: FW: seaoc
What you are looking for is Manometer study of the slab. A datum point is picked and a laser (or other mechanical device) is used to determine elevation changes throughout it's area.
This is done by an independent laboratory with the equipment.
Manometer studies can be used to check the elevational changes from a bottom of beam - an way to determine differential settlement or changes due to expansive soil conditions.
Hope this helps
Dennis S. Wish PE
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Subject: FW: seaoc

we have a client who desires to evaluate the flatness of an existing concrete slab on grade floor and to measure any variations periodically

i have seen reports that provided "micro-elevation" study that provides a contour type mapping 

for any evaluation it seems the tolerance should be tighter than conventional survey practice

i am looking for information and equipment required regarding how to conduct a slab elevation study with close tolerances. I am of the understanding that a data collector is available that meets this description.