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stitching digital Photograph into a panoramic view.

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I purchased a digital camera some months back and find that I use in for almost every project I am involved with. In my case, I purchased the Sony Mavicka MFK7 (I think that is the title) which saves pictures on a 3-1/2" floppy disk.
I recently discovered a piece of affordable software that stitches digital files together to create a wide angle or panaramic view. I ordered and received the software yesterday. I took a series of pictures (6 shots for a 270 degree pan) and loaded them into the program. The software automatically stitched them together seemlessly. I was amazed at the results.
The software is called QuickStitch and QuickStitch 360 (89.95 direct from Enroute Imaging systems. Their web site is There are examples on the site to show how simple the software is and how versitle the resulting photograph is.
If you need shots that show a full building in both width and height, the Quickstitch software lets you layout overlapping digital shots in a grid pattern. It then finds the match-lines automatically and adjusts the output for average lighting conditions. It also comes with a processing program that allows you to fine-tune the individual shots in both color and brightness or the program will do it automatically.
If you want a 360 degree panoramic view, the Quickstitch 360 software that is available either separately or part of the suite package will stictch it all together with a minimum of distortion at the outside edges. It also improves resolution on the final output. The 360 version also allows the user to create a Quicktime MOV file (movie file) so you can stand within a space and view it as if it were rotating around you.
My biggest complaint had been not being able to get the entire building or setting in one shot. This program is amazing and the results are worth the price of the software.
Dennis Wish PE