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Re: Wind Loads on Flagpoles

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When you get a job to design a footing for a flagpole, ask your client to give
you the name and telephone # of the flagpole manufacturer. They usually supply
the pole based on the owner's flag size requirement. They should also be able
to supply you with all the information you need to design the footing. 

My last flagpole footing design, they faxed me 2 sheets with information on
forces, moments, and shears on the flag and the pole and the overturning
moment for anchorage requirement based on a certain size nylon flag and wind

These are all based on the Guide Specifications For The Design Of Metal
Flagpoles by the National Association  of Architectural Metal
Manufacturers(NAAM), 1990. They are using graphs showing flag size, wind speed
and force on the flag all based on tests of full sized flags.

Ernie Natividad