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Wind Pressure Below Grade? N

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I am looking for information and/or opinions on wind pressures at the 
below grade level. 

We install temporary containment structures in graving docks to 
blast/paint ship's structure.  The docks are 30 to 60 ft. deep adjacent to 
the water's edge, and ~100 ft. wide by ~1000 ft. long.  A containment may 
be installed in the base of the dock then rise above the "ground" level.  

For design, at above dock height I use standard wind load calculations 
from UBC and/or ASCE 7-95.  At dock height and below, for lack of other 
criteria, I have used 10 psf based on ASCE 7-95 "minimum design wind 
loading."  Depending on the depth below "ground" level, this may or may 
not be conservative.  To add to the problem, any ship in dock will 
undoubtedly have a channeling effect on the wind- but that's another 

Barring major wind tunnel testing (not justified for temporary 
structures(?)), I would like an idea of whether or not I am on track with 
these assumptions.  Any help is appreciated.

Brian Peterson, P.E.
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
Bremerton, WA