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RE: metal roof decking

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Since  you probably have a wall that is paralell to your joists, you need a
method for draging your anchorage forces into your diaphragm (at 4'-0" oc
maximum).  I would normally use angles as compression/tension struts and
analyze using a subdiaphragm theory (similar to wood).  Continue the angles
into the diaphragm as needed to drag in your anchorage forces (attach to the
diaphragm with welds or fasteners).  When the joists are perpendicular to
the struts, cope the vertical leg of the angle and pass the horizontal leg
over the top of the joist.

For the situation when your joists are perpendicular to the wall, design the
wall to span 8"-0" horizontally or add a strut as described above.

I hope that this is helpful,

Curt La Count, P.E.
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR
From: Dave Anderson
To: seaoc
Subject: metal roof decking
Date: Wednesday, September 02, 1998 9:14PM


Is anyone design 18 gage metal decking as roof diaphragm
no concrete and to support tilt up wall 34 feet long
if yes . did you check it for axial and bending loads?
that in CA . zone 4 ! by 96 UBC revision
the joist spaced 8 feet on center

thanks in advance

D.A. P.E.