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RE: Wood - Lateral columns and knee braces (kickers)

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Don't forget to apply the horizontal component of force in the diagonal
brace as a lateral load on the column (applies to any loading applied after
the brace is installed).

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> From: 	Dennis S. Wish PE[SMTP:wish(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, September 02, 1998 5:02 PM
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> Subject: 	Wood - Lateral columns and knee braces (kickers)
> I should know the answer to this one by now, but I think it has to do with
> degree.
> I am designing a Patio Trellis which is supported by four 6x6 DF #1
> columns at the unsupported edge. The shear on the supported edge is
> distributed into a long shear wall and therefore no problem.
> The columns are 10'-6" from the face of the wall.
> I have designed the lateral being extremely conservative. I distributed
> 30% of the weight of the structure (12 psf) into four columns. This
> amounted to 177 lbs per columns at 8' above the slab.
> The moment at the base of the columns would be approximately, 1420 ft-lbs.
> I don't want to embed wood into concrete and decided to create a pad
> footing with a pedestal set six inches above the top of finished slab. I
> intended to place a TS6x6x1/4" sleeve into the foundation and slip the
> wood column into place. This way the wood can develope moment without
> failing relative to the direction of grain.
> This is a rather costly solution for a remodel. I wanted to get an opinion
> about the use of bolted knee braces where the lateral load is relativly
> small. The approach is to use a 2X6 on each face of the column bolted
> through and connected to the beam which is a 6x8 DF #1. The connection of
> the column to beam is done with conventional Simpson CC66's (ECC66 at each
> end column).
> I have not modeled this, but wanted to get a second opinion before
> investing the time.
> BTW, the top of the trellis is simply 4x10's @ 32" o/c with 2x2's at 12"
> o/c above that.
> I need to finish this tomorrow, so if anyone has an opinion, please let me
> know as soon as you can.
> Thanks for the help
> Dennis Wish PE