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Wood Solutions Fair - Discussion of Seminar prices

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Now this is what I call a deal!!!!!!!!!!! When was a seminar offered at such
a reasonable price, including lunch and a choice of seminars.
I plan to attend this one. Very simply, AF&PA did something that no other
organization was sensitive to - they kept a small office budget in mind when
creating this seminar. $25.00 for a full day seminar with lunch is a bargine
in anyones budget. Some of us need to invest an additional $100.00 or so to
make the seminar at such a distance from our homes (mine over 150 miles
away), but this is very appealing.
I only wish that SEAOSC would be as sensitive to providing the education
first and making a profit second.
I appreciate James Lai's letter to the members in the latest SEAOC
newsletter and the SEAOSC newsletter. However, I for one would be happy to
pay $10.00 a year more in my dues if I knew that I would be able to attend a
seminar normally priced at $100.00 for $25.00 and earn CEU's at that.
When you think about it, this would probably keep an excess in the SEAOSC
account since the majority of members do not use the organizations services.
This is where the compensation would come from. If more members
participated, then SEAOSC would have to make choice - place the education of
it's members above cash flow, or increase seminar prices and take their
chance with the number of participants.

Dennis Wish PE

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Subject: Wood Solutions Fair

A Wood Solutions Fair will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center
30, 1998 from 8am - 5pm pacific time. Registration fee is $25 and includes
choice of 12 seminars, hot lunch, access to exhibit hall, and information

Seminar topics include: building codes, NDS & LRFD, shearwalls & diaphragms,
trusses, engineered wood products, interior & ext. finishes, design for
permanence, and architecture and wood. Continuing Education certificates and
CES forms will be available on request.

A panel discussion on seismic design entitled "Recent advances in Wood
Structural Panel Shear Wall Design" will feature several local designers and
building officials, along with industry reps. discussing current trends in
design of wood shearwalls and diaphragms.

Register online at or call 613-747-0466 to
a registration form. The registration deadline is September 28.