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Re: Wood Solutions Fair - Discussion of Seminar prices

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I agree whole-heartedly. Many of us are in a position where the cost of
the seminar has to be combined with the loss of a days pay (obviously
one of the lowly working stiffs). I am always seeking opportunities to
improve my knowledge and skills, and interaction with others is a great
complement to self study programs, but the cost is prohibitive more
often then not. As a member of both SEAOSD and ASCE I am always
dissapointed by the cost of seminars. ASCE seems to average 300 to 500
dollars, and SEAOC is not much better. The best value I have found are
the ICBO seminars (100 dollar average), but they tend to be primarily
code based application rather than concept oriented.

Add my vote to the list.

Paul Feather P.E.