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Re: higher loads or better details.

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I have found out that almost *all* contractors can do a better job, cheaper, 
than was done by the Structural Engineer .... until there is a failure or 
distress.  Then, they will know *nothing* about Structural Engineering and 
swear that all they do is "... follow what's on the plans and specifications."

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Moni Sheral wrote:

. > Last week I was inspecting a construction site (a 4 story Villa) down
. > here in Lebanon, middle east, and the site engineer started criticizing
. > the high number of column stirrups and the 135° hook requirement. When I
. > told him that it was a good seismic detail, he asked me if I had
. > computed the exact lateral loads, and I said no because the structure is
. > so irregular that it will be very hard to accurately compute the lateral
. > loads ... 
. > 
. > So he told me that he had done a building which was "exactly" designed
. > for earthquakes and where the stirrups in the columns were much fewer
. > than in my design and did not have the 135° hook, and if I wanted to he
. > could give me the plans so I can "learn" how to do an "exact" design. 
. >