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RE: 3/8 inch shear panels -Reply

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Of course you cannot use a "typical" anchor bolt (based on UBC table 19-E)
for hold downs. You have to use something more substantial, but not unusual,
such as a Simpson STAB bolt or some other anchor. If the world of tension
anchors were limited to UBC table 19-E, we all would be in a bind.

Bill Allen

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For shear wall with uplift forces around 5 to 6 kips may not be a problem
the holdown device.  The problem, however, are usually with the holdown
bolts and required edge distance.

Allowable service load (building code table 19-e) for a typical 5/8" dia
bolt embedded in f'c of 2500psi with 3-3/4 edge distance is 1500 lbs.  The
shearwall and holdown device may not fail, but the anchorage certainly will.

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