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Re: 3/8 inch shear panels -Reply

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Simpson 5/8" dia. SSTB24 bolts (25 inches long) have ICBO approvals for pull out
loads of 5 kips with an edge distance of only 1-3/4".  Allowable loads go up to
10,000 lbs. for 7/8" diameter SSTB bolts.

I do not believe anyone should have problem with a holdown chord carrying a load of
5 to 6 kips.  ICBO rated holdowns are available for these loads, ICBO rated anchor
bolts are available for these loads, and the foundations need not be excessively
large to carry these loads.


Truong Huynh wrote:

> For shear wall with uplift forces around 5 to 6 kips may not be a problem for
> the holdown device.  The problem, however, are usually with the holdown anchor
> bolts and required edge distance.
> Allowable service load (building code table 19-e) for a typical 5/8" dia anchor
> bolt embedded in f'c of 2500psi with 3-3/4 edge distance is 1500 lbs.  The
> shearwall and holdown device may not fail, but the anchorage certainly will.
> City of LA
> Building Dept.