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Re: A325 anchor bolts

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You didn't actually ask for a repair method, but a variation of the ones
mentioned below is to enlarge the base plate hole diameters enough to clear
the outside of the coupler nuts, and then have the nut above (on the
extension) bear down on a supplementary plate that has a washer pack or
other spacer sleeve between itself and the original base plate.

This would not disturb the concrete or thin the base plate, but may
compromise sliding shear by bearing, if that matters, and it eats away some
bending strength of the plate due to the hole size increase.

And there's the facetious remedy Moni Serhal suggested earlier today in
another context:  "jump off a cliff"

Charles O. Greenlaw  SE   Sacramento CA

At 02:09 PM 9/4/98 -0700, was submitted: 
>Two possible solutions proposed by the Structural Steel Education
>Council are:
>1. Chipping out enough concrete to allow installation of a high strength
>threaded coupler below the base plate to extend the anchor bolts.
>2. Limited air carbon arc gouging of the base plate surface under the
>nut to allow full thread engagement. Of course the remaining material
>must be of sufficient thickness for the local stresses. 
>Paul Feather