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Re: AVwin98 Structural program

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I cannot argue that scenario.  I have only heard of the software recently an have been considering reviewing it.  The flack from various directions has given me reservations even before I start.

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Date: Saturday, September 05, 1998 9:27 PM
Subject: Re: AVwin98 Structural program

>Dear Thor ...
>Maybe the AV98 program is good ....  but you don't buy gold even for 10 cents
>per pound from a  thief as you become an accessory to the crime (ethically or
>With best regards
>By the way, how is it possible that a man who in the past accepted payments
>for his "forthcoming" program modules from many engineering firms in
>California but never delivered them is allowed to advertise his software on
>the SEAC-server. Something is wrong here.