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AVwin98 Structural program

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Karen12959(--nospam--at) wrote

Dear Thor ...>
>Maybe the AV98 program is good ....  but you don't buy gold even for 10 
>per pound from a  thief as you become an accessory to the crime 
(ethically or
>otherwise).>>With best regards>
>By the way, how is it possible that a man who in the past accepted 
>for his "forthcoming" program modules from many engineering firms in
>California but never delivered them is allowed to advertise his 
software on
>the SEAC-server. Something is wrong here. 

We all get excited (and quite often get taken for a ride) when somebody 
offers something of value for nothing. You probably know that all of 
this commotion is because the program is offered at unbeatable price - 
nothing. Get it now and get everything promised later. An engineer in 
our office ordered the version advertised for free and told me that 
although it did not have many features that are advertised and some of 
the help is in Spanish, but as he put it "for this price what did you 
Someone on this list mentioned already that you should check what codes 
are used and "some problems with rigid diafragms..." I don't remember 
the exact issue, but the general mood of that message I got was that 
nobody perfect and it is "not bad for the price". Imagine if we 
practiced structural engineering the same way?


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