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Re: Sharing projects

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I, too, am a sole practitioner.  My main work to date has been residential timber frame, warehouses, some condominiums, BC Ferries, and miscellanea.

There are, of course,  differences in Code proscription but the supporting theory, subject to local thought, is similar if not identical.  Much of Canadian code was originally USA based (eg ACI etc).  Seismic (for which much attention is paid to California) is especially critical in Victoria, Vancouver Island.  We are even closer to the subduction zone than Vancouver.  Vancouver, however, is larger and hence the personal and economic impact may therefore be greater.

I would like to get involved in cross border designs and networking.  That smacks of trespassing on locals territory, I know, but if there is an opportunity to share and cross-feed, I'm interested.  Since acceptable designs are subject to local codes and laws I would suggest that if cross border designs are practicable that they could be peer reviewed for conformity.  I imagine that any networking would be of a technical exchange which this list seems to satisfy quite well at the moment.

As far as specific code differences are concerned, I would be interested in comparing categories case by case.  Eg, I was very interested in the "garage opening" debate some time back.


Thor A. Tandy   P.Eng,  MSCE,  MIPENZ
Victoria, BC, Canada
e-mail: <vicpeng(--nospam--at)>

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Date: Sunday, September 06, 1998 1:40 PM
Subject: Re: Sharing projects

>This getting really interesting for me both personally and professionally.
>Being of Canadien descent, I am always interested in how anything is done
>accross the border; especially in in regards to structural engineering. I am
>guessing that seismic design is an issue in Vancouver  (and the rest of BC)
>and I am therefore curious on how the BC building code and the structural
>engineering community addressses these design issues. How much similarity and
>difference is there bewteen BC and California? And what can the two sides
>learn from each other?
>So count me in as an interested party.
>Greg Riley PE  (grileype(--nospam--at)