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Re: Sharing projects

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On the subject of voluntary peer reviews:

There are engineering offices that provide these services as a major part
of their billable services.  More owners and developers are realizing the
value in having an independent third party design and constructabilty peer
review.  I have engineering offices that have discussed having a third
party review provided within their fee structure.

These third party reviews are not meant to be critical of the engineer of
record but to aid in the reduction of field problems during construction or
in the event of natural or man made disasters.  Engineers I have discussed
this with have viewed the third party peer reviews as an extension of their
own quality control.

The old saying "sometimes you can't see the forest because of the trees"
comes to mind.  The third party reviewer is more apt to provide fresh
insight into potential problems perhaps overlooked during the original
design and drafting.  Coordination between the various construction
documents and/or between plans and details has also proven beneficial. 
Some jurisdictions are requiring peer reviews.

Peer reviews have been proven to be cost effective (i.e. saving the
owner/developer money).  As a sole practitioner who provides these third
party peer reviews I have found the savings to the owner/developer have
been significant when compared to the fee.  I am always willing to help a
fellow engineer but the idea of being compensated for these services, when
appropriate, still appeals to me.
Rawn Nelson
R. F. Nelson & Associates 

> From: ErnieNSE(--nospam--at)
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> Subject: Re: Sharing projects
> Date: Sunday, September 06, 1998 6:01 PM
> I am also interested, particularly wood framed projects which is about
90% of
> what I do. The other 10% are tilt-up buildings, residential metal studs,
> various minor structures. I am a one-man office here in Southern
> My idea is for a voluntary peer review on projects from participating
> of the group. Structural Plans and Calculations is sent to other
engineers who
> specializes in the same field and comments are solicited. The extent of
> review, schedule and compensation is discussed and those who agree will
> sent the documents. This may not work very well at the start but as we go
> along, after a few projects reviewed by various fellow engineers, we can
> a shortlist of those which we feel are reliable, experienced and
> enough to give a meaningful and effective peer review. Hopefully,
everybody in
> this group can learn from each other. Lurkers are not allowed.
> For communications, I suggest all interested parties keep a copy of the
> addresses of those who respond as interested and we can email each other.
> the list gets too big to handle, we can ask Shafat if he can make a
> listserve for this group.
> Just a thought.
> Ernie Natividad