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Re: Standard of Care

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Looks like nobody is touching this one.  But, I'll give it a shot.

I think to begin with, you're just going to be sending out a bunch of RFI's
(request for information).    I have seen specifications requiring the metal
stud manufacturer/supplier to size all studs and connections.  This may be
the EOR's intention.  Personally, I like to size all members and connections
myself.  If the intent is to have the studs and connections sized by you,
then the EOR will need to provide the gravity and lateral loads (in plane
and out of plane).

What I am getting at, is that the metal stud walls may be considered
specialty engineering.  This is mostly seen with curtain wall systems for
multi-story buildings.

After reading over what I just wrote, I don't think I've answered your
question.  I may even be stating what you already know.  There may even be
others who disagree with what I wrote (I'm just basing this off my own
experiences of what I've seen in some master specifications for cold formed
metal framing).

I'm hoping others may have some insight into this matter.

Mike Brown, P.E.

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Date: Wednesday, September 09, 1998 6:13 AM
Subject: Standard of Care

>What is considered the minimum standard of care?  The definition that I
>have seen is extremely vague.  My opinion is that if you are designing a
>struture, you are designing/detailing it so it can be built without any
>extra expertise (excluding specialty engineering such as wood trusses,
>etc.)  Now for the reason for the question.  We are providing shop
>drawings for a client for metal studs.  The building is 4 story load
>bearing metal stud walls with 3" composite metal deck with 3" of
>concrete.  Wood truss roof.  There are numerous items missing on the
>contract documents (the structural of the building is only 10 D size
>sheets).  The strap bracing is shown but not fully detailed.  Notes refer
>to non-existing schedules,  headers are "shown on plan"  but are not
>there.  I don't think that the engineer did his job on this project and
>we are worried about any potential liability from doing our shop
>drawings.  Any thoughts?
>Mike Zaitz