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RE: Re Bostik Staples

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Thor -
  If you wish to contact Bostitch direct(they're located in Rhode Island),
the number is (401)884-2500.

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> Subject: 	Re: Re Bostik Staples
> Try looking at ICBO report no. NER-272.  This report includes Bostik
> Staples.  Values are given for diaphragm shears (horizontal and vertical).
> If withdrawal is a concern, an equation is provided on page 26 of the
> report to determine the withdrawal resistance.
> If you do not have this report or are not a member of ICBO, you should be
> able to get the report through the G.C. who will get the report from the
> Bostik sales rep.
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> 	Subject: Re Bostik Staples
> 	I have a feeling a query similar to this was posted a while back.
> 	I have a request from a contractor to review the use of Bostik 1.5"
> X .48" (tine dim. of .071" X .045") staples for roof sheathing assembly.
> My immediate response is to reject the proposal, however, I like to base
> my rejection on reasonable review of the performance of a product.  The
> roof sheathing is 1/2" OSB and better.  There is no specific requirement
> for diaphragm action, but I would consider that aspect too.
> 	Does anyone have info on these types of staples.  
> 	Thor A. Tandy   P.Eng,  MCSCE,  MIPENZ
> 	Victoria, BC, Canada
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