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Re: Standard of Care

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Mike Zaitz wrote: 
>What is considered the minimum standard of care?  The definition that I
seen is extremely vague. < 
I agree - I think this is a serious weakness in current contract language - 
there are many differing interpretations as to what "standard of care"
>My opinion is that if you are designing a structure, you are 
designing/detailing it so it can be built without any extra expertise 
(excluding specialty engineering such as wood trusses, etc.) < 
In general I agree - unless additional engineering is specifically called
in the contract documents.  For example, I often specify fiber reinforced 
plastic (FRP) structures to be designed by others since properties can vary
>... There are numerous items missing on the contract documents ... I don't 
think that the engineer did his job on this project and we are worried about 
any potential liability from doing our shop drawings.  Any thoughts? < 
Sounds like you have reasonable concerns.  You should start by asking 
questions of the PE who stamped the drawings about the missing details.  
Normally the contract documents should either show the details or provide 
requirements as to how to obtain the details.  You should not detail 
connections unless requirements and responsibilities are very clearly