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Peer Review for projects on soverign land

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I figured this might get a few interested people:>)
I have a potential project for a local indian tribe. Because the work is to
be done on tribal land, there is no requirment for plan check or compliance
to local building codes. I have done this before, but only small simple
block buildings where I followed UBC and had no liability.
My latest project is a very creative architectural piece which is to be used
for a Visitor Center and Pedestrian Bridge across a shallow arroyo. As
before, there is no plan check cycle on this project.

I am not comfortable with this even though I have confidence in the ability
of the members of the team I put together to design the structures. I
suggested to the architect that I would want to approach my local SEA
chapter (SEAOSC) and ask for a peer review council to review the work before
I seal it. It seemed a reasonable request considering the potential
liability issues.

Although I have heard that SEAOSC offers the service, I have no experience
with it and wanted to obtain the opinions of others. The architect agrees
with the idea but is hesitant to do any thing that might delay his
accelerated design schedule. My design window is less than five weeks and we
have not agreed upon a fee or have a signed contract as yet.

I perfer using SEAOSC if the services are offered since the credability of
the reviews is important should this ever get litigated. I don't believe
that I would get the same level of review or credibility if I were to
suggest paying for a private plan check from a contract agency.

I would appreciate opinions on this issue.

Dennis S. Wish PE