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RE: Non-Building seismic analysis

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The engineer you refer to may be allowing for the material to pile up at
some angle of repose, leaving a certain amount of space at the top of the
hopper which can't be filled.  The 80% factor is a new one to me, though.  I
would use Rw = 3 per UBC 1994 Table 16-P, line 1, to be conservative.  You
could also make a case that line 7 w/ Rw = 4 is appropriate.   The Blue Book
Commentary p. 171 defines "tanks" as containing liquids and "bins and
hoppers" as containing solids.  Hope this helps.

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> Subject: 	Non-Building seimic analysis
> Does anyone know what "normal operating contents" is as far as dry storage
> in a cylindrical hopper. I am dealing with an engineer that considers it
> to
> 80% of the material weight that the hopper can hold.
> Also, what would Rw be if the hopper is supported on a concentrically
> braced
> frames (WF columns and beams with angle bracing).
> Chris Wood PE, SE