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RE: Construction Live Load on Composite Beams

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For reference, the Steel Deck Institute Specification for Composite
Steel Floor Deck says "Bending stress in the deck shall not exceed 0.6
times the yield strength ... under the combined loads of wet concrete,
deck and the following construction love loads:  20 pounds per square
foot uniform load or 150 pound concentrated load on a 1'-0" wide section
of deck."  IMHO that's pretty minimal.

Ed Marshall, PE
Simons Engineering,

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> Subject:	Construction Live Load on Composite Beams
> What is the common practice regarding the design of composite beams
> for
> construction live load? The beam size is often controlled by the
> precomposite weight of wet concrete with a load factor of
> 1.4*(precomposite DL) or the wet concrete plus a construction live
> load
> with the load factor of 1.2* (precomposite DL)+ 1.6*(construction LL)
> depending on the thickness of the deck and what type of concrete used.
> What is the proper construction live load? An example in the '94 LRFD
> "assumes" 20 psf but I could not find  specified value for the load
> anywhere else in the code.
> Currently I use 20 psf construction live load.
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