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RE: Rusty Nails

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Absent of any corrosive environment, I would suspect that the surface of the
nail would corrode to some point and beyond that, any additional corrosion
would be negligible.  I have pulled framing nails from SYP structures in the
75 to 100 year range with no apparent deterioration that would impair the
performance of the fastener (withdrawal or shear).  

Concerning the rusty nail vs. the galvanized nail, (withdrawal and shear), I
would say the point is moot.  Other factors such a moisture content of the
member may be more significant to the connection than a rusty or galvanized

ITW (Paslode) has been making a polymer coated, ring shank, framing nail for
it's pneumatic guns for several years.  It goes by the street name "TLN"
nail, which I believe is supposed to stand for treated lumber nail.  Does
anyone have any experience with this fastener?

Another nail that has recently come out from Paslode is a patented knurled
nail (coiled) that is supposed to be used to attach plywood to metal studs.
Has anyone seen this animal in action? Are there any published reports
regarding diaphragm strengths? 

Hal Riddle

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> I recently had a 'discussion' in the office about using vinyl sinkers in
> framing.  The statement was made that the vinyl sinker sheds the vinyl
> (which we all know) then the nail rusts.  The statement was also made
> that this rust is a benefit to the connection.  I do know that the main
> reason we use vinyl sinkers is for ease of driving - and because there
> are no galvanized nails for nail guns.  I am mainly concerned about
> indoor framing (ie. Small, enclosed buildings).
> My questions are these:  Does the nail rust to a point then stop?  Does
> the rust add a benefit to the connection over galvanized nails?