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Re: Shielding

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Before I would use shielding, I would have a long talk with the Client,
building officials and Fire marshall.

Will the fire marshall add constraints to the design.  If one building
collapses in a fire it may pull the others with it since they are
interconnected, etc.

There are many points to bring to the Clients attention before he says OK...I
am willing to use shielding.  Any point you miss, and later affects him will
be some lawyer's lunch money for the next decade.  Does he realize that if for
any reason, the outer buildings must be taken down, they ALL must be
reinforced or taken down.  

I realize he is trying to save money, but is he going to pay you a lot extra
for the definely increased liability.  The interconnecting of these buildings
has many issues beyond wind application to resolve.  If you are working on a %
of construction, you are about to do some of your best work for a job that
will cost less to build.  In other words, more creative work, more liability,
for less money....gee the curse of a good better work for less

Good Luck