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Re: Standard of Care

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Using the rods to square the building will preload the rods.  The rods are
rarely designed for the "added load".  Supply a rod for a 3 kip wind and the
contractor applies 5 kips to square the building.  Seems like a mistake
waiting to happen.

Of the metal buildings I have looked at, an alarming number of them have had
the rods removed.  When I ask the Owner why, they usually say they were loose
and not doing anything anyway.  So they had no fear of remvoing them.

I have seen one building with the rods later removed.  The 2nd  Owner after
that then cut a lot of overhead doors into the building. The 2nd Owner was
curious if it was normal for a building to "shake" when the wind blows
lightly.  Guess I should have told him "no it is not normal, they usually just
fall over."