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Re: Re; "portable" footbridges

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In a message dated 98-09-11 20:00:42 EDT, you write:

<< Sounds like you are looking for something like the *old* Bailey Bridge of
 fame as long as aesthetics is not a consideration.  Meets all the 
 requirements that you specified, plus some, except it is steel, not 
 aluminum.   >>
The Army (US) was still training on the Bailey Bridge in the 80's.  Robert
Redford put one together in the "Bridge Too Far" movie.  (Have engineers been
represented by a greater heart throb since?). There is a newer aluminum bridge
called the Medium Girder Bridge(MGB) that was a lot easier to work with.  I
don't remember any Bailey Bridge pieces that weighed less than 100 pounds.
The side panels were a four or six man lift and the bearings are really heavy.
It would be really tough to "hike it in"  or on small transports.  Even a
short span takes a lot of dump trucks to get it within walking distance.
Acrow is agood source though to find out if its feasible.  I like the
suspension bridge idea too.
Jan Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA