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Re: Ken Starr's Report to Congress Online

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It's Saturday morning, a good time for topics that digress from engineering
technicalities. My compliments and appreciation especially to Christopher
Wright and Bill Polhemus for their skillfully expressed and provocative

Professional practice of engineering also poses issues of personal conduct,
fitness to be trusted when the buck stops with the engineer in question, and
willingness to reverse course and fix things after one's prior decision or
act turns out to be improvident. There are enough parallels to make the
coming Starr Report proceedings and debates relevant to our professional
precepts, if we are willing to use our mental agility in contemplating the
issues in common.

Of course, there's the soap opera side of it to deplore or smirk about,
according to one's partisanship; I guess that will get commented on too. But
I am happy already to see some well articulated views on concepts that
relate this one celebrity instance to professionalism and to citizenship in

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE   Sacramento CA
Member, SEAOC Professional Practice Committee (but speaking for myself)