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RE: Re: Ken Starr's Report to Congress Online

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I tend to agree with Ralph inasmuch as the level of argument stems from
differences in moral values and legal interpretation. The sad result is that
the people of this country will become further divided on issues of moral
values and this can only lead to an argument of issue related to the
separation of church and state since I believe most moral issues are
religious issues. I also firmly believe that this can *never* be a
non-partisan issue and is driven by party politics. If you are a partner in
a bad *feuding* marriage, does anyone believe that either party can simply
put aside their anger and become impartial and pragmatic?

It is my opinion that comments such as that quoted by Ralph in his post draw
conclusions which are not based upon fact but on supposition as to how this
individual feels or believes. It is not stated as an opion or belief but as
fact - and this is improper. This can only lead to aguments and I fear that
this may lead to bad feelings among members of this list. When I was in
business many years ago, I was warned never to discuss religion or politics
with my clients. I found that when discussing these issues outside of my
family ultimately led to feelings of resentment and the potential ruination
of long term friendships.

Family members tend to recover from heated debate as "blood is generally
thicker than water". Friends and professional collegues may not fend so
well - therefore I urge you to be careful and not assume that we are all
mature enough to debate this without taking offense.

I have no power to stop this thread and don't think I would try if I had.
However, I beg of you not to carry this so far as to offend either those you
debate or those in the background who may not agree with your position.
Remember too, on Monday morning many large networked offices will be
inundated with these messages as this thread grows.

I would ask that if you care to continue that you post a message of such and
create your own email group to carry the debate further and gracefully take
it away from this professional list.

Dennis S. Wish PE
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<<Clinton is determined to fight this, to spare his
"legacy."  He doesn't give a d*mn about this country without himself as its

I find this sad.  Wildwoman got evicted from this list for telling a few
jokes, yet we have to put up with this sort of venum.  I vote for a return
Structural Engineering.


Thank you.

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
Richmond CA