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RE: I live in Midwest

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You don't have to apologize to me, please. I don't particularly like to have
one person criticize another on this list - especially if English is not the
persons primary language. I'm not sure where Cudahy is, but I have lived in
the Kenosha area (Carol Beach) when I was very young. I have family in La
Crosse and we own some family farm land in Black Earth outside of Madison.
So, I am very fond of Wisconsin.
Although I live in Palm Springs California area, I grew up in the suburbs of
Chicago until I was 28 years old (Skokie to be exact).

Now that we have that aside, welcome to our listservice. I hope you will
enjoy it and find it to be a very useful tool in either your education or
practice. Please let us know how we can help you?


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Hello Dennis, No.. I live in Cudahy, WI... I am so sorry about my
english lanuage.. it's not that very good at english. Thanks, Michelle
Trzecinski CUDAHY WI... Thank again Dennis