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Re: Seismic Provisions

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At 10:34 PM 9/13/98 EDT, you wrote:
>I would imagine that the detailing in any building is very important.  I also
>believe that any special detailing should not be ignored due to cost because I
>think it is the details that hold up the building.
>My two cents worth
>Marlou B. Rodriguez
>Robert Englekirk Inc.
>Honolulu, HI

        Well, yes, and I think all this special detailing holds up two
things in particular about the building: It holds up completion of its
design, and it holds up completion of its construction.

        I have been looking through the SEAOC "Blue Book" and commentary to
be able to better cope with the 1997 UBC, which totally obsoletes my
laboriously learned 1994 edition. On a table, still unwrapped, sits the
latest "Draft" 2000 IBC which reportedly obsoletes the 1997 UBC, especially
in matters of special detailing, and there is some talk now that the 2000
IBC may never be adoptable in SEAOC Country. Learning seismic design
increasingly resembles those artificial elements stretching out beyond
Plutonium-- ever heavier, and with ever shorter half-lives. 

        And yet, I have to admire my SE colleagues for having learned so
many indispensable structural requirements and written them all into such an
exhaustive protocol. We are so good, and our services so important, that
using us is like undertaking expert psychoanalysis... there's always more,
and no expeditious getting off the couch and on with life is in prospect.
You just come back for more, and get "held up" by your benefactor.  

        Mr Turner seemed to be asking if he made things strong enough,
couldn't all those delicate balances of weakness be dispensed with. Kind of
heretical not to stretch every building element like it got caught in a
taffy machine, but he he said he isn't in a bad seismic zone. Suppose he did
his income tax return by taking the standard deduction instead of itemizing
in special detail and undergoing an audit? 

Charles O. Greenlaw, SE   Sacramento CA