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RE: Ken Starr's Report to Congress Online

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Dear Ralph:

"USA Today" is currently the most widely read newspaper in the United
States.  On Monday, September 14, they published an editorial which
summarizes my thoughts better than I could ever hope to.  The editorial
is titled "A Matter of Integrity:  Clinton Should Resign".  Please cut
Bill Polhemus some slack.  After all, he lives closer to Arkansas than
you do! 

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

If it turns out to be a Cuban cigar,
then he definitely should be impeached!
                           ... Jay Leno

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Subject: Re: Ken Starr's Report to Congress Online - venom

Regarding Polhemus's comments: 

I agree that this list should be open to some non-engineering
isn't all engineering.  I too enjoyed Wildwoman's jokes and was very
that she was so summarily ejected (I hope she's back under another name,
perhaps chastised and thus less fun).  

And the Clinton situation is fertile soil for all sorts of comments,
as well as deep.  I enjoy the zipper cartoons, even though I consider
him a
good president.  Calling him a jerk, or incompetent, or an adulterer is
thing, but to say "he doesn't give a d*mn about this country without
as its President" is off-the-wall--spiteful and malicious rather than
"intellectually strenuous."  I consider Polhemus guilty of the very
(intellectual laziness) he criticizes.