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Re: RE: Ken Starr's Report to Congress Online

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In a message dated 9/14/98 12:14:21 PM, scaldwell(--nospam--at) writes:

>"USA Today" is currently the most widely read newspaper in the United
>States.  On Monday, September 14, they published an editorial which
>summarizes my thoughts better than I could ever hope to.  The editorial
>is titled "A Matter of Integrity:  Clinton Should Resign".  Please cut
>Bill Polhemus some slack.  After all, he lives closer to Arkansas than
>you do!

Thanks for the lead; I'll try to get a copy today.  (You are not suggesting
that circulation necessarily equals quality, are you?)  I understand that you
support Polhemus's general attitude, but proximity does not equal intellectual

Now, back to work.