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RE: Ken Starr's Report to Congress Online - venom

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 Calling him a jerk, or incompetent, or an adulterer is one
thing, but to say "he doesn't give a d*mn about this country without himself
as its President" is off-the-wall--spiteful and malicious rather than
"intellectually strenuous."  I consider Polhemus guilty of the very condition
(intellectual laziness) he criticizes.  

[Bill Polhemus]  

I don't consider myself intellectually lazy at all.  I live in Houston, Texas, and work in the "big city."  I vote, go to church, pay far too much in taxes--thanks to the Clinton legacy--and consider myself generally a good father and a good husband.  I also consider myself a good engineer, and a good engineering supervisor.  I have several young graduate engineers working under me, who consider--by their own accounts--that I've done a very good job tutoring them along their road to licensure.

These kids are just starting out, and they have a tough row to hoe.  The socialist bent that is well represented by Mr. Clinton is the single greatest threat to their continued economic prosperity.  These are the ones that are going to have to pay the piper for the tunes WE baby-boomers have sent the likes of William Jefferson Clinton out to play:  Cradle to grave care in every aspect of your life, and a total absolution of responsibility.

I have two young women who work under my supervision, about the age of Ms. Lewinsky.  I ponder that, if I were to abuse the miniscule degree of authority I have over them in a manner similar to Mr. Clinton, I'd be out on my butt tomorrow, and very likely would have myself and my employer as the targets of a sexual harrassment lawsuit.

These are just a few of the things I ponder when I consider the President's behavior and actions.  He is beneath contempt, and you may peruse some of the comments even of his fellow Democrats to learn that I am not the only one who thinks so.

As it happens, I do believe very strongly that WJC cannot conceive of this country doing well without his "legacy."  He lied voraciously about the 12 years preceeding his accession to office, and he has lied ever since concerning "his" contributions to the nation (i.e. "His" budget surplus--when he knows full well that this NEVER would have been possible without a Republican-led Congress; "His" welfare reform, when he knows that he was coerced into signing the bill the THIRD TIME around, and made frangible promises to his hapless dupes, the welfare mavens, that they would look to "fix it" later.  Just two examples).

I'd love to hear your definition of his "good job" in the face of the continuing deterioration of the military capability of the "world's only superpower" on his watch, and the continual "surprise" developments such as the nuclear showdown in southern Asia, to name just a couple of egregious lapses on the part of your champion.


I was upset by Polhemus's 9/12/98 diatribe because it sounded to me like
someone sitting in a little cabin in the woods--hating everyone who disagrees
with himself and potentially capable of doing something hurtful

[Bill Polhemus]  

You may use all the silly and vituperative logic you desire to try to marginalize those who think as I do. But the chickens are bound to come home to roost someday for all those who take such matters lightly.

If you genuinely disagree with me, I have to ponder why you can't muster any better demonstration of the weakness of my position than to resort to tired and hackneyed cliches that have lost the tiniest ability to impress any longer, because of their overuse.

I daresay there are many people also on this list, with similar educations and backgrounds to mine (which, in very likelihood, is similar to yours as well), who feel the way that I do.  Do you care to insult them as well?  Or does the above smear apply only to someone who is audacious enough to state something that you don't like?